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Ideas for Filling the Empty Space Above Your Bed

Ideas for Filling the Empty Space Above Your Bed

Ideas for Filling the Empty Space Above Your Bed


The empty space above a bed is often overlooked, but can become a powerful design feature in any bedroom. Whether you're navigating the layout of a new apartment or spicing up the bedroom in your current space, that blank canvas of wall extends an invitation to creativity. The area above the bed is prime real estate for both functional and aesthetic displays, which not only draw the eye but also reflect your personality and style. Here are several innovative ways to make the most of this often-underutilized zone in your home's decor.


Art, No Bounds: Large-Scale Paintings and Tapestries

An oversized piece of art can instantly transform a bedroom, setting the tone for the entire space. Be it a breathtaking mountain landscape, a poignant abstract piece, or an ornate tapestry, the art you choose becomes the focal point of the room. In spacious bedrooms, opt for art that truly fills the wall and adds a sense of grandeur. For cozier spaces, a large tapestry can create a dramatic effect without overwhelming the room.

Words that Whisper: Inspirational Quote Decals or Custom Art

A single phrase can be a powerful motivator or an uplifting declaration of your values. Consider adorning the space with a custom decal of a favorite saying or a piece of custom art featuring calligraphy of an inspirational quote. This option provides a personal touch and serves as a daily reminder of goals and aspirations.

Illuminating Ideas: Modern Sconces and Boo Lights

The right lighting can create a soft, inviting ambiance in your bedroom. Wall-mounted sconces offer a stylish and functional solution for bedside reading, freeing up space on nightstands for other items. For a more eclectic look, consider boo lights, which are wall-mounted lamps that pivot and adjust, allowing you to direct light where it's needed most.

Shelf Life: Floating Shelves for 3-D Display

Floating shelves not only break up the visual monotony but also provide storage and display opportunities. Use them to showcase a collection of framed photos, potted plants, or treasured memorabilia. Opt for lengths that span the width of your bed, add varying levels of height, and layer objects for a visually interesting display.

Windows to the Soul: Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors are a classic room-expanding illusion. Hang one or a collection of mirrors above your bed to bounce light around the room and add depth. Choose a style that complements the room's aesthetics, whether it's a sleek, modern design, an ornate vintage frame, or a rustic windowpane mirror for a cottage or farmhouse vibe.

Headboard Alternatives: DIY Fabric Canopies or Macramé

If you're on a budget or want a unique headboard alternative, DIY fabric canopies or macramé wall hangings can be both eye-catching and functional. A canopy made from sheer fabrics like chiffon or voile offers a dreamy, romantic atmosphere, while a macramé wall hanging brings in bohemian or coastal vibes.

Green Is Good: Plants, Vertical Gardens, and Living Walls

Bringing nature indoors is a foolproof way to add life and freshness to a room. Hanging planters, a vertical garden, or a living wall above the bed can transform the space into a serene, bohemian oasis. Consider low-maintenance plants like pothos, philodendron, or spider plants that thrive in a variety of lighting conditions.

Crafty Solutions: Woven Baskets and Wall Plates

Woven baskets and decorative wall plates are another way to add texture and pattern to the wall space above your bed. Clusters of baskets can be a striking way to store extra pillows and blankets or can be left empty for simple, eye-catching design. Similarly, a collection of wall plates in various sizes and designs can create an interesting focal point.

Seasonal Flair: Wreaths and Themed Decor

Change with the seasons by hanging festive wreaths or thematic decor above your bed. Wreaths are not just for the holidays; consider greenery for spring, seashells for summer, or twigs and berries for autumn. Wreaths and seasonal items provide an easy way to freshen up your decor without a major overhaul.

Alcove Inspiration: Bookcases or Nooks

If your bedroom features an alcove, consider building a custom bookshelf or turning it into a cozy reading nook. A built-in bookcase can become a beautiful backdrop for your bed, providing storage and the perfect space to display a personal library, while a nook with a plush chair and side table can make it the ideal spot for relaxation.

Board-to-Life: Magnetic or Chalkboard Panels

For the ultimate mix of function and decor, install a magnetic or chalkboard panel. This is perfect for jotting down notes, leaving messages, or simply the act of doodling. Magnetic panels can double as a photo display with magnets, while chalkboard panels can be an ever-changing medium for your artistic expression.

Can you hear me? Wall-mounted or Acoustic Panels

For the musically inclined or those who appreciate good acoustics, consider mounting sound-absorbing panels on the wall behind your bed. Not only do these panels reduce echo and noise, but they also add a unique textural element to your bedroom decor.

The Gallery Wall Showdown

Last but not least, the gallery wall has become a mainstay in modern interior design. Arrange a collection of frames in various sizes and styles to tell a story or simply display what you love. Whether it's family photos, cherished art prints, or a collection of mirrors, a well-curated gallery wall can be the defining element of your bedroom.


In Conclusion, the possibilities for the space above your bed are as vast as your imagination. Remember to consider the size of the wall, the scale of the artworks, and how you want the visual weight to affect the room. The goal is to create a space that resonates with you, harmonizes with the rest of your decor, and feels welcoming to come home to each evening. Whatever you choose, make it a reflection of your personal style, and fill the void with beauty and meaning.

For those seeking to fill the skies of their Fort Myers, FL, abode, Millennium Apartments provide the ideal canvas. Contact us today to turn these ideas into a reality within one of our exquisite living spaces. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a change, exploring the design potential of your apartment is an opportunity to be embraced. Together, we can elevate your living space into a personal sanctuary you'll be proud to call home. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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