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Tips for Kids Sharing a Room in an Apartment

Tips for Kids Sharing a Room in an Apartment

Tips for Kids Sharing a Room in an Apartment


Living in an apartment with kids can be challenging, especially if they have to share a room. However, it's not impossible. With the right mindset, you can make sharing a room a positive and rewarding experience for your children. In this blog post, we will share some tips for making your children's shared room comfortable, fun, and organized. These tips will not only help you manage the space better but also enhance your kids' relationship with each other.


1. Set Personal Space Boundaries

Sharing a room doesn't mean that your kids have to share everything. It's important to create boundaries so that each child has their own personal space. You can use shelves, curtains, or room dividers to create distinct areas. Let your kids decorate their space with their own style, which will encourage them to take ownership of their personal space. Encourage them to be respectful of each other's space and belongings.

2. Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine is essential for sharing a room. Set a bedtime routine that suits both children. If one child needs to sleep earlier than the other, allow them to have quiet activities like reading books or puzzles while they're awake. Establishing a routine will not only help create consistency, but it will also give each child a sense of control and structure.

3. De-clutter Regularly

A shared room can get cluttered quickly, especially if your kids have a lot of toys and belongings. It's essential to teach them how to be organized from an early age. Every few months, go through their belongings with them and help them decide which items to donate or giveaway. Space-saving furniture like a bunk bed with storage or organizers can also help keep the clutter away.

4. Encourage Communication

Encourage your children to communicate with each other and resolve any conflicts peacefully. Sharing a room can be challenging, but it also teaches important life skills like teamwork, compromise, and negotiation. Create a safe space where your children can express their feelings and needs without judgment. This will help them build a strong bond and create positive memories.

5. Make it Fun

Lastly, make sharing a room fun for your kids! Let them pick out their bedding, decor, and lighting. Use playful themes or colors to make their room their own. Consider installing a reading nook or a cozy corner where they can take a break from shared space. Encourage them to play games, read books, or have a movie night together in their room.


Sharing a room can be an excellent opportunity for your kids to learn valuable life skills. With the right approach and a few tips, you can make sharing a room a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your kids. Set personal space boundaries, establish a routine, de-clutter regularly, encourage communication, and make it fun. When your kids are happy sharing a room, it sets a positive tone for your entire family. If you're looking for apartments in Fort Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments today to see how we can accommodate your family's needs.

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