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Reasons A Landlord May Kick You Out

Reasons A Landlord May Kick You Out

Reasons A Landlord May Kick You Out


As a renter, one of the concerns that you're likely to have is the possibility of getting evicted. When you take up a lease agreement, you're expected to keep your end of the bargain by fulfilling your rental obligations, such as paying rent on time and adhering to the rules laid out in the agreement. Unfortunately, some tenants find themselves facing eviction due to non-compliance. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons landlords may kick out tenants, so you can be aware of what might put your rental agreement in peril.


Breaking rental rules

When you sign your lease agreement, you’re expected to abide by its rules regarding what you can and can’t do on the premises. If you’re engaging in activities not allowed in the agreement like bringing in pets or smoking inside the apartment, your landlord has the right to evict you. It’s important to read the lease thoroughly and make sure you understand its contents before signing it.

Non-payment of rent

One of the most common reasons for eviction is non-payment of rent. When you sign a lease agreement, you’re essentially agreeing to pay the landlord a specified amount of rent timely throughout your tenancy.

Destruction of property

Property damages that go beyond wear and tear can result in eviction. For instance, if you intentionally or unintentionally caused significant damage to the property by throwing parties or destroying walls or appliances, your landlord has the right to evict you to safeguard their property.

Illegal activity

Engaging in any illegal activity, such as drug use or dealing on the premises, is grounds for eviction. Landlords have a duty to report criminal activity to the authorities, and you could face legal repercussions for participating in any illicit activities.

Violation of neighbourhood complaints

Your landlord may also evict you if tenants or neighbours complain about noise disturbances or other disruptive behaviours. While it can be challenging to pinpoint the source of the problem, acknowledging and addressing neighbour complaints can prevent eviction.



Being a good tenant is essential to maintaining a peaceful landlord-tenant relationship. By understanding the reasons landlords may evict tenants, you’re better equipped to ensure you remain in compliance with your lease agreement. It’s always best to consult with your landlord regarding any questions or concerns you may have to avoid facing the unpleasant possibility of eviction. Finally, it’s good to review the rules of your lease agreement regularly to ensure you’re following them and staying on good terms with your landlord. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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