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Clever Ways to Redecorate without Buying Anything New

Clever Ways to Redecorate without Buying Anything New

Clever Ways to Redecorate without Buying Anything New

Have you been spending way too much time at home lately and itching for some change? It’s easy to get into the habit of buying new furniture or accessories to give your space a new look, but let’s be real, not everyone has the budget for a full-blown renovation. Fortunately, there are some clever ways to refresh your space without spending a cent (or maybe just a few bucks for some necessary supplies). Here are some ideas to help you breathe new life into your living quarters.

1. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes a simply moving around your furniture can make a big impact on the overall feel of a room. Experiment with different arrangements until you find one that feels right. Here’s the catch: don’t put everything back exactly where it was. Move bookshelves to a new location, switch up your wall art, or swap out your rug with one from another room. Play around with different layouts and evaluate if the changes create a more functional and visually appealing space.

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Natural elements can add a calming and refreshing feel to your space. Arrange plants, flowers, and greenery throughout your home, or place a vase filled with fresh-cut flowers by your bedside. If you don’t have a garden or a nearby park to source herbs, bring out your kitchen greenery and make an indoor herb garden.

3. Rearrange Accessories and Artwork

You might not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new piece of art, but you do have some lying around that you’ve been wanting to showcase. Mix and match prints, paintings, and photographs to embrace not only different artistic styles, but also varying scales. Once you’ve collected all your artwork, have fun moving pieces around on your walls or create an eye-catching new gallery wall.

4. Declutter and Repurpose

You’ve heard it before, but getting rid of things you don’t use or need is an excellent way to refresh your space. Try adopting a Marie Kondo-approach by taking everything off your bookshelves, dressers, or any other surface and only bringing back in items that spark joy in your life. Alternatively, repurpose things that have seen better days like jars by using them as vases, or an old tennis racket as a DIY boho wall decor.

5. Change Your Lighting

You don’t need to be an experienced electrician to switch up your lighting. Move lamps or lighting fixtures to a new room or position to help light up dark corners. Change out light bulbs to more energy-efficient or warmer toned ones. String up fairy lights inside a glass jar or lantern for a cozy ambiance. You’ll be surprised how easily changing lighting can create a different mood in your space.



Refreshing your space doesn't require a significant time or monetary investment. With the above guidelines, your eyes will be refreshed, your heart will be at ease and mood elevated every time you walk into your home. Play around with different ideas and be sure to enjoy the process without overthinking. Decluttering is another critical aspect of refreshing your space- it's crucial to achieve the new look to declutter your mind as well as your space. So clear out, mix and match and enjoy. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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