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A Guide to Safely Cleaning Your Apartment with a Baby

A Guide to Safely Cleaning Your Apartment with a Baby

A Guide to Safely Cleaning Your Apartment with a Baby


As a parent, keeping your apartment clean while taking care of your little one can be a daunting task. It is important to maintain a clean living environment not just for your baby but yourself too. However, with all the chores and responsibilities you have, you may not know where to start when it comes to cleaning and organizing your apartment.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on cleaning your apartment with a baby in the safest way possible. We understand the fragility of an infant's immune system and their vulnerability to harmful chemicals. So, we will share tips on how to use natural products, ideal cleaning routines, and ways to create a baby-friendly environment.


1. Use natural cleaning products

Using chemical-free or natural cleaning products is one of the best ways to ensure that your baby is protected from harmful chemicals. Some common products that are safe for babies are baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils. These products are gentle on the skin but still powerful enough to effectively clean your home. For example, vinegar is a great disinfectant, and baking soda can be used to scrub surfaces.

2. Schedule your cleaning when your baby is not around

It is crucial to clean when your baby is not around, or in a different part of the house. Cleaning products can be harmful, especially if your child has sensitive skin or is prone to allergies. Further, there are vacuum cleaners that are noisy, which may scare your little one. Therefore, you want to choose the best time to clean your apartment, such as during your baby’s naptime or when your partner is home to look after them.

3. Create a baby-friendly cleaning routine

It is important to have a regular cleaning routine so that you do not get overwhelmed with chores. From vacuuming the floors to cleaning the bathrooms, having a checklist for your cleaning routine will help you know what to clean and when. Further, the routine should involve baby-friendly tasks such as cleaning their toys and high chair. This will help prevent common colds and illnesses that babies often get.

4. Focus on high traffic areas

Babies are more susceptible to germs, which can cause infections. Therefore, it is important to keep common areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bathroom clean. These areas are high traffic zones that require frequent cleaning. Spills, dirt, and dust accumulate more often in these areas, which can cause health problems for your little one. Use natural disinfectants and cleaning products to thoroughly clean them.

5. Choose baby-safe furniture

The type of furniture in your apartment can determine how easily you can clean and maintain a clean environment with your baby. For instance, it is best to invest in furniture such as a leather sofa, which is easier to clean and does not trap dust and dirt. Avoid using dark-colored fabrics and wallpaper, as they are prone to stains and may require harsh chemicals to clean. Opt for stain-resistant materials that can be wiped clean easily.



Having a clean and healthy environment is not only beneficial to your baby but also for your overall well-being. To clean your apartment safely with a baby, use natural cleaning products, schedule cleaning when your baby is not around, create a baby-friendly cleaning routine, focus on high traffic areas, and choose baby-safe furniture. These tips will help you maintain a clean living environment that is safe for your baby. If you're looking for apartments in Ft Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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