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Removing Wine Stains from Your Carpeting

Removing Wine Stains from Your Carpeting

Removing Wine Stains from Your Carpeting

We've likely all been there. That sense of dread as the extra full glass of red wine you just poured slides out of your hand and tumbles in slow motion onto an otherwise clean carpet. While there's no heading back in time to deter the spill, you can get your carpet to look as good as new once again. If you act quickly and follow these simple steps from experts at our apartments for rent in Ft. Myers, FL, the red wine stain won't stand a chance against you and your carpeting.

1. Work fast and blot away

Using a clean cloth or paper towels, lightly dab the wine spill to absorb whatever liquid hasn't already been soaked into your carpet fibers. Be cautious not to rub the stain– you could push the wine pigments further into the material, making it even more challenging to remove the stain entirely. Finish this step as fast as possible to stop more wine from soaking into your carpet.

2. Utilize household absorbents

After you're finished blotting away any extra wine, use an absorbent powder to draw the stain from the carpet fibers. While uncomplicated table salt generally works best, you can utilize baking soda, talcum powder, or even kitty litter if you don't keep extra salt around.

Allow the salt or other powder to sit for several minutes. 10-20 minutes normally does the trick, leaning on how big the stain is and how long it sat before you started cleanup.

3. Continue blotting

After the salt has remained for a while, you'll notice it has transformed to a pinkish-red color – a good sign as it means the salt is doing its job absorbing the wine. Next, use a clean cloth to blot the salt and wine from the carpet.

Again, be certain not to rub as it can further harm the stained area. Permit the area to dry before employing a vacuum to extract the rest of the salt granules from your carpeting.

Other helpful hacks to release wine stains

  • 1:1 combination of club soda and vinegar: If the salt-and-blot method isn't enough to entirely remove the wine from your carpet, you may want to test blotting out the stain with a 1:1 mix of club soda and white vinegar. Ensure the vinegar is white, as other kinds will only fuel the fire and exacerbate the stain.
  • Oxi cleaner or a 3:1 combination of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid: If you have a white carpet, you can use an oxi cleaner or a 3:1 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid straight to the stain. Allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes and up to an hour before utilizing a clean cloth to blot away the cleaner. After you're finished blotting the mixture, moisten a clean cloth with warm water to wash the soap and peroxide out of the carpet. Peroxide is a bleach agent, so do not utilize this mixture on colored carpets!

Follow these tips to remove red wine from your carpet. Then, call us when you need apartments for rent in Ft. Myers, FL. We want to be your next home.

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