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Five Instruments You Can Learn to Play in An Apartment

Five Instruments You Can Learn to Play in An Apartment

Five Instruments You Can Learn to Play in An Apartment

Learning a new instrument is a rewarding venture. Acquiring a new skill is invariably a positive thing, and if it is something as delightful as recreating music, it can open you up to an exclusive unique atmosphere filled with imagination and new acquaintances. There are numerous instruments to decide from, but not all of them are excellent options if you live in an apartment, where the close living quarters can cause your practice time to be a disturbance to people living close to you. Here are a handful of apartment-friendly instruments to consider that permit you to create music without aggravating the neighbors.


This folk and blues device is played with your mouth, initiating a reedy sound that's distant from the blasting resonance of a horn. Volume is governed by how hard you blow on it, giving you a good portion of control over its volume level. One item to mention is that various techniques may instruct you to blow harder on the harmonica, but its handheld disposition and slight size permit you to soften the volume easily.


A full-sized piano might be problematic when moving into your apartment, but a digital keyboard is a beautiful and tranquil alternative. Headphone jacks are typically constructed into these instruments, and even without headphones, the built-in speakers are typically too little to produce much of a commotion. Digital keyboards are adaptable, too; some examples allow you to designate simulations of other instruments, including percussion, horns, and fun sound effects, and occasionally also include support tracks for you to play along with.


This four-stringed Hawaiian instrument is normally acoustic, taking the form of a guitar. However, it has a very casual yet delightful sound, making it an excellent instrument to practice in an apartment. What's more, it is tiny enough that even if you're endeavoring to play it loudly, you will still be unable to reach a volume that would concern your neighbors.

Digital Drums

Rehearsing on a real drum kit will probably provoke your neighbors to gripe, but using a digital drum pad is a suitable choice if you absolutely must learn a percussion instrument. These can be played with standard drum sticks or with just your fingers and are an excellent way to learn the fundamentals of sample-based music. In addition, many finger-controlled drum pads connect to computer programs, which are highly customizable and don't need to be clamorous to sound incredible.


This is a widely versatile instrument that gives you excellent control over volume. Acoustic guitars are commonly not excessively loud to start with, which makes it effortless to rehearse quietly. However, their volume can be dulled further by shrouding their soundhole, which is the hollow in the guitar's body commonly found under its strings. Electric guitars are more audible, but guitar amplifier technology has progressed to the point where you can fine-tune the noise and employ headphones to observe yourself rather than playing out loudly.

Try learning one of these instruments if you live in an apartment. And call us first if you need apartments in Ft Myers, FL. We want to help you find your next place.

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