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6 Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

6 Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

Living on your own has many benefits, but it also means that all of the cleaning responsibilities rest on your shoulders – and your shoulders alone. As you get settled into your apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, you will love having the updated surfaces and features that make cleaning easier. These are a few tips to simplify cleaning your apartment each week.

Stock Cleaning Supplies

A way to simplify the cleaning process is to keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. Get yourself a cleaning caddy to stock all your supplies and make it easy for transport around your apartment. Necessary cleaning equipment should include items like all-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, and dusting polish. You will also want sponges, trash bags, and floor cleaners to be nearby. Stock these essentials in your cleaning caddy as you efficiently move around your apartment to tackle the cleaning jobs in a few hours.

Focus on One Room at a Time

Start by cleaning one room at a time. Take your cleaning products, paper towels, and cleaners and complete the whole room before moving on to the next. Some people organize their cleaning by the task, but it is more efficiently to tackle everything at once, one room at a time.

Take Time to Declutter

Before you start deep cleaning, wiping surfaces, and scrubbing floors, you need to organize your clothes and belongings. Declutter the surfaces by putting everything away before you start other jobs. This way, you will not need to move things around as you spray countertops, scrub floors, or dust surfaces. Get in the habit of putting away clothes as they are fresh from the laundry, as this can save you a lot of time on cleaning day.

Finish the Job

After you clean, take the time to remove all the trash from your apartment. Go from room-to-room to empty all the wastebaskets in one swoop through your place. Collect the garbage into a large trash bag, and then remove that bag by taking it all the way to the dumpster. As a good rule of thumb, do a quick cleanup of your fridge as you remove garbage from your apartment.

Create Daily Routines

An important routine you should implement each day is making your bed. By starting each day with a freshly made bed, you can set a routine that focuses on a clean and fresh look. Consider implementing other practices into your daily routine, like taking out the trash when you walk outside or changing the toilet paper roll when it is empty. Simple daily habits can make a large impact when it comes to cleaning day. 

Take Extra Time for Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens tend to build more grime over time, which requires extra time and attention when cleaning. You may want to keep an extra cleaning caddy underneath your sinks to cater to these areas. Take your time while scrubbing areas by moisture to prevent any scum or grime build up and keep things spotless.

By taking these steps, you can make apartment cleaning a breeze. If you are looking for quality apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, contact Millennium Apartments to hear about our available units today.

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