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5 Apartment Storage Tips

5 Apartment Storage Tips

5 Apartment Storage Tips

It's not easy to decorate and manage space in small apartments. It's challenging to make the most of the storage as much as possible. Everything needs management, from tiny thumbtacks to each book on your shelf and clothes hanging in the cupboard. It's extra daunting to take all your stuff to your small apartments in Ft Myers, FL.

Many people look at small apartments for a living but are denied due to the small space. But if you are smart with managing things and color selection, decorating walls, furniture choices, and organizational strategies, you can make your small spaces with your favorite spots.

Cut the Clutter

When dealing with small spaces, your first goal should be removing clutter. It will not create more space but clear the mess and keep things where you want to adjust. Paper records, greeting cards, souvenirs from special events, and old letters from past relations are all things that are no longer needed.

Rearrange Bedroom

You can maintain space in your bedroom through two areas, one is your closet, and the other is space beneath your bed. With storage ideas, you can put stuff in the cupboard as much as you want.

  • By using vertical spaces, you can stack shirts and pants on shelves.
  • To hold scarves, belts, and tops, you should install shower curtain hangers in the closet; it will also create more space.
  • If you have a bed that is lower to the floor that will also help you to store things under the bed because there are particular storage bins.
  • The shoe organizer on the door will also help you free up space.


Organizing the tiny spaces in the bathroom is convenient.

  • You can hang the wet towels over the hooks of the door.
  • Adjust the Shower caddies to the shower head to hold soap and shampoo. Small storage containers inside the bathroom will also help you to place your drier and straightener.
  • Also, add a special shelf on which you can add towels of vibrant colors that look attractive in your bathroom. It will not take up more space.


The best way to decorate the kitchen and manage small spaces is to add more counter spaces.

  • You should use all the free space by keeping small things in the large bowls. In this way, you can manage more space.
  • If you have no kitchen cabinets or drawers, don't worry; you can utilize the space above your oven to keep dishes, pans, and pots.
  • Use wall hooks to hang large utensils and cleaning supplies.

Living Room

It is the most catching and prominent part of your apartment, and you must make it more attractive.

  • Create space less cluttered with the suitability of turning your small, movable workspace back into a corner when it's not in use.
  • Keep the decorative boxes under the coffee table or desk and store games, puzzles, and anything you do not want to display.

It's hard to maintain space in small apartments. If you have small apartments that does not mean you cannot utilize small spaces. You can manage it by removing the mess and maintaining all things in the proper place. You need creativity of mind to decorate and adjust the tiny spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.

If you are looking for spacious apartments in Ft Myers, FL that offer many amenities and storage solutions, contact Millennium Apartments to schedule your tour today.

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