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What Should I Measure Before Moving into a New Apartment?

What Should I Measure Before Moving into a New Apartment?

What Should I Measure Before Moving into a New Apartment?

Are you preparing to move into a new apartment?  When it comes time to prepare for moving into a new place, one of the first things you'll want to do is take measurements of the space.  This is incredibly important because then you will buy furniture that fits adequately in your space, and you'll also make moving day much easier.  Once you've finally settled on apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, you'll want to take a few steps to prepare for the big move.  There are a few essential measurements that you'll want to take before you move into your new apartment.

Exterior Hallways

Although you may have though all about the space inside your apartment, you will want to be considerate of any exterior hallways that may pose limitations on moving day.  Narrow hallways are one of these considerations.  Take some time to note the dimensions of any exterior hallways that you'll need to walk through in order to get to your place.  This way, you can ensure all of your boxes, furniture, and large belongings can fit.

Doorways and Entryway

When it comes time for you to move your items into your doorway, you want to be sure that you have proper clearance to make it inside your unit.  This requires you to measure your door frame and entryway, especially if it is a narrow walkway.  By doing this in advance, you can disassemble any pieces of your furniture that will not fit before you actually move.   This will save you time on moving day and ensure that you get into your place smoothly without having to deconstruct furniture in the hall.

Interior Rooms

When it comes time for you to plan your arrangements and furniture placement, you will want to measure the interior rooms.  This will provide you with the information you need to properly furnish the space without leaving too much space or buying too bulky of furniture.  Also, this will help direct movers and any helpers on moving day.  When you have an idea of where the furniture will be placed, you can easily tell others where to go with their heavy items.

Stairways or Elevators

If you don't live on the ground floor, you'll need to use the stairs or elevators to travel to your apartment.  This is an important measurement to consider before you actually prepare to move.  By taking note of the width, height, and length of the elevator and staircase, you can deconstruct any large items to make sure they will fit.  

Before you move into a new apartment, you want to be sure to take these important measurements.  When you are moving into our apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL, we make sure that you have all of the resources you need for a smooth transition into your new community.  Contact us to hear about our available units today.

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