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How to Keep Your Apartment Safe While You're Away

How to Keep Your Apartment Safe While You're Away

How to Keep Your Apartment Safe While You're Away

Are you planning to be away from your apartment for a little while, whether you are visiting family, friends, or travelling for work? Are you worried about leaving your apartment? When you have to travel away from your home, you want to be sure to keep it safe. Our apartments in Fort Myers, FL are placed within a safe apartment complex, but you still want to be sure to take the necessary precautions to protect your unit. Here are a few suggestions for how to keep your apartment safe while you are away.

Put Lights on Timers

When you use timers to schedule your lights, people will assume that you are home. When burglars see lights on in your apartment, they will be less likely to choose your home as a target. Timers are a great option, because they will save you from expensive bills that can occur if you leave lights on permanently. Also, this gives you the chance to only turn them on at night, which is when you would be home on a normal routine anyways.

Unplug Appliances

Keep your home safe from fire hazards, be sure to unplug all of your small appliances. This includes toasters, toaster ovens, hair dryers, diffusers, clocks, and other electronics. By unplugging these appliances before you leave, you lower the chances of fires and other hazards that can occur if something overheats.

Tell Neighbors to Watch

If you have neighbors that you trust, inform them that you are leaving so they can keep an eye on your place. They can also help you water any plants or get your mail if need be. When you are curious about your apartment, you will be able to communicate with your neighbors to ask about the state of your place while you are away.

Turn Off Faucets

To avoid any water damage while you are away, be sure that all of your sinks and faucets are fully turned off. Go through and check each one before you leave. Even if your sink is dripping, this can have damaging effects to your apartment and your utility bills.

Get Renter's Insurance

If you don't already have renter's insurance, now is a great time to get it. When you have an insurance policy on your apartment, you will be protected in case anything happens while you are away. This can include theft, fires, or other accidents that might damage your property or belongings. An insurance policy is something you should have no matter what so take advantage of this opportunity and get yourself a policy.

Follow these few suggestions to keep your apartment safe while you are travelling. Whenever you leave your home behind, you want to take extra steps to ensure that it stays safe. At our apartments in Fort Myers, FL, we will take extra safety precautions to protect you and your unit while you are away. Our community has security measures, like surveillance and on-site security to protect our residents. Contact us today to schedule a tour.

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