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How to Be Safe and Respectful at Your Apartment during Football Season

How to Be Safe and Respectful at Your Apartment during Football Season

How to Be Safe and Respectful at Your Apartment during Football Season

Do you watch many football games at one time? Do you enjoy hosting events with your friends to watch the big game? When you live at an apartment, you will want to take a few extra precautions in order to be respectful and to keep your place safe during football games. With the inability to get out and catch the game this year, many people will be taking to their homes and apartments to watch the games with their friends. However, you won't want to forget to stay safe and respectful at your apartments in Fort Myers, FL by following these few tips.

Keep the Volume Down

Even though you might be furious about the ref's horrible call or the butterfingers on the receiver, you should always remember to keep your yelling to a minimum when you live in a shared apartment building. Yelling and stomping on the floor can disturb your neighbors. Be sure to stay respectful no matter how frustrating the game can be.

Keep TVs Out of the Kitchen

This may seem like common sense, but when we are focusing on the big game, we can forget about this. When you are grilling, washing dishes, tending to your party, and also trying to watch each play of the game, you may forget to keep electronics away from the sink. This can pose many electrical hazards that can result in severe electrocution and injury. Be sure to keep your speakers and TVs far from the kitchen, even if it may mean missing a big play.

Protect Your Electronics with Surge Protectors

You may want to watch multiple games on multiple TVs when you host friends at your apartment. Weekends are popular times to host your friends for multiple college or professional football games, but you'll want to be sure to protect all your screens by investing in a few surge protectors. Whenever you are using a lot of electricity, you'll want to plug your electrics into a surge protector to prevent them from burning out.

Keep Cords Away from Walking Paths

You may reposition your TVs, speakers, and radio for the best viewing and audio pleasure, which can have you scrambling for an extension cord arrangement. No matter what, you should always avoid putting extension cords in high traffic areas to avoid tripping hazards that can result in electric fires that can damage both your apartment and those around you.

By following these tips, you will be sure to stay both safe and respectful when you are living at your apartment and hosting a football party. Our apartments in Fort Myers, FL are the perfect place to catch the big game with your friends, as we offer spacious floor plans and open concept layouts. Contact us today to schedule a tour.