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Four Tips to Cope with Pandemic Stress at Our Apartments

Four Tips to Cope with Pandemic Stress at Our Apartments

Four Tips to Cope with Pandemic Stress at Our Apartments

Are you struggling with stress related to the lingering pandemic?  Are you worried about when you will get the vaccine or whether life will ever feel normal again?  This pandemic has caused many of us to have to stop and change our lifestyles.  When living at our apartments in Ft Myers, FL, you have likely needed to adapt to a new normal that was thrusted upon you last year.  As the pandemic continues, we are finally starting to see changes in the right direction.  However, many of us still struggle with stress related to these changes.  There are a few tips to cope with pandemic stress at our apartments.

Get Outside

Being outside can provide you with a refreshing change of pace and scenery.  With many people now working from home, it can be tough to switch up your routine and get out.  Also, with the threat of illness still keeping many people away from crowded public areas, our normal social activities have practically diminished.  When you get outside and enjoy the apartment amenities, you provide your mind with a much-needed break from your typical setting.

Keep in Touch with Others

Even though there is distance between everyone, you should still make effort to stay connected with friends and family.  Talk to them on the phone, schedule zoom phone calls, or plan virtual game nights.  Not only are these great ways to stay connected, but they also provide you with plans and entertainment.  These are all welcomed when you are stuck in the same old routine.

Limit Your Screen Time

When you are stuck inside your apartment, it can be easy to waste hours mindlessly scrolling through the news or social media feeds.  However, you should give yourself a time limit for screen time.  This will prevent you from becoming easily frustrated by other people's activities, infuriated by news headlines, or engrossed in someone else's life.  Schedule time for your phone, and then put it down and take up another hobby instead.

Enjoy Time with Family

Many people have found a silver lining during this pandemic, and that is spending more time with their family.  Even though it can have difficult moments, we are all able to connect with our families in ways we never have before.  Take up a hobby with one of your children, or come up with creative at-home date nights with your partner.  These are great ways to pass the time and build connections.

By following these tips, you can work through the stress that has been caused by the lingering pandemic.  As many of us struggle to maintain normalcy, we find ourselves feeling trapped or stressed by the rules placed on our lives.  To thrive when you are living at our apartments in Ft Myers, FL, it is important to stay focused on the positives.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our beautiful apartments today.

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