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Four of the Best Ways to Find a Roommate

Four of the Best Ways to Find a Roommate

Four of the Best Ways to Find a Roommate

Are you looking for ways to save money on rent?  Do you feel like you have too much unused space in your two-bedroom apartment?  Are you lonely in your apartment?  Whether you are looking to save money or you are craving social interaction, it may be time for you to consider getting a roommate in your apartments in Ft Myers, FL.  Once you've decided that getting a roommate is the best step for you, you will want to be smart about your search for the right person to live with.  These are some of the best ways to find a roommate for your apartment.

Ask Your Family and Friends

One of the first steps you should take to find a roommate is to ask in your community of friends and family if anyone wants to move in.  Because these are trusted individuals, you will already know about their background and know that you get along.  Take the time to ask your family and friends if they are interested in becoming your roommate.  If they aren't interested, ask them if they know of anyone that is. Their friends and family also come with their stamp of approval too.

Post an Ad in the Lobby

Those who visit your apartment building for either tours of the facility to move on or because their friends live there may actually be interested in moving in with a roommate.  By putting an ad in the lobby or areas around your apartment building, you can advertise that you are looking for a roommate in the right location.

Use Apps

There are many apps that connect people that are specifically looking for roommates.  Consider making a profile and sending out an advertisement on apps like Diggz and Roomie Match.  Diggz will allow you to find a roommate that has a similar lifestyle that you do, while Roomie Match will match you up with potential candidates in your area.  These apps work like a dating app, but for locating a roommate instead of a partner.

Use Social Media

If you are having a difficult time finding a roommate by asking around and posting physical advertisements, you should consider posting an ad on your social media page.  When you use your Instagram or Facebook to announce that you are looking for a roommate, people in the community can share this with individuals that they also know are looking for a place to live.  Social media helps to spread messages and connect people in a quick way that can be beneficial in getting you the right roommate.

These are a few of the best ways to find a roommate to share your apartment with.  When you are looking to split rent or gain social interaction, you may want to have a roommate in your apartments in Ft Myers, FL.  Our spacious apartments and multiple bedroom units are great places to share with a roommate.  Contact us to schedule your tour of our apartment complex today.

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