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Five Indoor Plants that Are Great for Apartments

Five Indoor Plants that Are Great for Apartments

Five Indoor Plants that Are Great for Apartments

Are you looking to add natural décor to your apartment?  Have you been looking into indoor plants that would look great on your shelves?  Indoor plants have many benefits, like improving air quality, bringing outdoor elements inside, promoting calmness, and also boosting your energy levels.  These are also great additions to apartment spaces, as they make our apartments in Ft Myers, FL seem larger and cozier.  Before you hit the stores, you should know about these five types of indoor plants that are great for apartment spaces.

Snake Plants

These are extremely tolerable plants that can withstand many weeks of neglect, which makes them the perfect house plant.  If you are new to plant ownership, consider adding the spider plant to your apartment.   These long, vertical leaves can sit on your windowsill and easily add a pop of green to any space.  In addition to their low maintenance, they will also work to take toxins out of the air.


Bamboo is extremely easy to keep alive, as it only needs water and shade in order to thrive.  Bamboo also promotes a positive energy, so it is a perfect housewarming or congratulatory plant to welcome you into your new place.  


Not only are succulents a popular plant right now, but they are also great house plants for the novice green thumb.  All you need to keep succulents alive is to keep them in in a little bit of sunlight and water them every other month.  This makes them virtually indestructible decorations for your new place.

Spider Plants

If you want a plant that will grow abundantly, consider the spider plant.  This plant requires low light to grow, and it will also continue to propagate new growth from the shoots. Spider plants will grow extremely well in their pots, which will provide you with a lot of greenery over time.  They do extremely well when they are crowded, which makes them the perfect apartment potted plant.


The pothos is a leafy plant that is great for high shelves in your apartment.  They are climbing plants, so they will look beautiful as they cascade down the shelf.  Pothos also have purifying elements, which can help to keep toxins out of the air.  Although these plants can survive in a variety of light conditions, you'll want to keep their leaves healthy by proving adequate light.

These are five types of indoor plants that will be suitable for apartments.  When you are looking to enhance your apartments in Ft Myers, FL with plants, you should consider getting one of these types.  This will help you to bring the beautiful landscaping that you'll find outside your window into your unit.  Contact us to schedule a tour of our beautifully landscaped, sprawling apartment grounds today.

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