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Five Genius Storage Solutions for Your Apartment Bathroom

Five Genius Storage Solutions for Your Apartment Bathroom

Five Genius Storage Solutions for Your Apartment Bathroom

Are you wondering how to fit all of your hygiene products, makeup, and bath necessities in your apartment bathroom?  When it comes to bathroom storage, there can truly never be enough.  Whether you live in one of our one- or two-bath apartments, you will likely still be searching for the right ways to store and organize all of your bath products in our apartments in Ft Myers, FL.  By getting creative and using some basic household items to create more storage, you can use these genius storage solutions in your apartment bathroom.

Cutlery Organizers in Clothes and Bathroom Drawers

Cutlery organizers provide great storage solutions that can keep small miscellaneous items neat and tidy.  Although these are typically found in kitchens, you should consider using them for bathroom necessities, socks, makeup, and other small supplies in your home.  

Stick-On Organizers for Makeup

When you live in a small bathroom, you will want to use up every inch of storage space you have.  By using stick-on storage containers, you can keep your everyday essentials within arm's reach without sacrificing counter or drawer space.  These organizers are typically cheap and can be versatile to meet a range of purposes, like storing makeup, tooth health, and other hygiene products.

Tension Rod in the Shower

We all know that a tension rod is great for holding up a shower curtain, but you can also install one on the inside of your shower to store any shower necessities.  When you add a few hooks, the tension rod becomes a great place to store items like loofahs, washcloths, shampoo holders, and other shower must-haves.

Shoe Organizers for Bath Products

When you are short on bathroom storage, you should consider adding a shoe organizer to the back of the door to store your bath products.  This is a great place to store essentials and extras, like lotions, shampoo, face wash, and other products you may use frequently.  If you use a clear shoe organizer, you will also be able to easily grab what you need when you need it.

Command Strip Hooks in the Shower

Command strips are some of the best ways to hang items in your apartment without worrying about ruining the walls.  However, you have probably never thought about using these hooks to help you store items in the shower.  From razors to toothbrushes to loofahs, you can hang just about anything on command hooks to make it easy to access commonly used items in the shower.

These are a few great ways to add affordable storage options into your apartment bathroom.  Whenever you live in our apartments in Ft Myers, FL, you will have the opportunity to choose the right amount of bathrooms for your needs.  Contact us to hear about our available apartments for rent today.

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