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Five Closet Storage Hacks for Your Ft Myers, FL Apartment

Five Closet Storage Hacks for Your Ft Myers, FL Apartment

Five Closet Storage Hacks for Your Ft Myers, FL Apartment

Are you staring at a messy and cluttered apartment closet?  Are you struggling to add organization into your new apartment?  Have you been wondering how all of your clothes and belongings are going to fit into your closet?  As apartments in Ft Myers, FL, we offer many spacious designs that keep our tenants happy with their storage space.  Many residents use these closet storage hacks to organize and optimize their space inside their closet.  This way, they hide their possession from everyday view and keep an organization scheme in their closet.  Check out these five closet storage hacks you can use to organize your new apartment.


To maximize the space in your closet or on any wall in your apartment, you can add hooks to hang items you want to be easily accessible.  You can use hooks to hang coats, purses, belts, robes, and other everyday items that are constantly coming in and out of your closet on a routine basis.  This will help save time when getting ready each morning while also giving your belongings a permanent home.

Extension Rods

When you hang clothes in your closet, you may notice that there is still space underneath your clothes.  To maximize the usage of this space, buy extension rods that hang from your existing hangers.  This will allow you to hang additional clothes from each hanger.

Inside of the Door

When you live in an apartment, you want to maximize every last spot.  This includes hanging things off the backs of your doors.  Door storage solutions are wildly popular with our renters, for they help to create storage solutions for places in the home that aren't visible to guests.  Hanging hooks or storage bags to the back of your closet door will help give you more places to keep your smaller items.

Closet Organizers

Although you need to check with your apartment policies, you may want to consider installing a closet organizer.  Closet organizers are great for storage because they are customizable to meet your needs.  You can install more shelves, cubes, hanging rods, or baskets depending on what type of belongings you are looking to store.  The versatility of closet organizers makes them a great option for apartment renters to maximize their space and keep their belongings organized.

Shelf Dividers

If your apartment closet offers shelving, you can easily maximize these shelves by adding shelf dividers to fit more clothes.  This will help your clothes from falling over and also keep them organized and well-folded.

These are a few simple closet hacks to increase the storage space inside your apartment closet.  By using these hacks, you'll free up more living space and keep your belongings hidden from everyday view.  Our apartments in Ft Myers, FL provide you with many spacious options and exciting amenities.  Contact us today to schedule a tour and see for yourself.

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