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How to Save Energy when Working from Your Apartment

How to Save Energy when Working from Your Apartment

How to Save Energy when Working from Your Apartment

Have you been working from home during the pandemic?  Many people have added a home office space in their apartments to accommodate the changes that the coronavirus pandemic has brought to our lives.  Even though many of us have moved quickly to make these changes, we may not have realized how long they would have affected our lives.  As time passes, we notice the higher energy bills from spending more time at our apartments in Fort Myers, FL.  When you work from home, there are a few more changes you can make to save energy at your apartment.

Unplug Appliances When They Aren't Being Used

One of the leading causes of energy waste is when appliances are left plugged in or even on when they aren't actually being used.  Unplug appliances, like coffee makers, hair tools, toasters, TVs, and other small appliances that are infrequently used each day.  This will decrease the amount of wasted energy that you are actually paying for each day.

Put Your Computer to Sleep

When you leave your computer on all the time, you burn unnecessary energy.  Many people leave their work computers on their screen saver each day, even though they aren't actually actively using it.  This burns an unnecessary amount of energy that can add up if this becomes a habit.  Take the extra step to put your computer to sleep when you are done working each day.

Use the Right Lighting

Without the proper lighting, you can actually spend a lot of extra energy keeping your apartment well lit.  Instead, you should consider a desk lamp or direct lighting right over your work space.  This will provide you with the right amount of light to do your work without having to turn on all the overhead lights in your apartment.  Also, consider using natural light and setting up your workspace near windows to eliminate the need for extra lights during the day.

Control the Temperature

Even though Florida summers can get hot, you should keep the internal temperature of your apartment as stable as possible.  When you change the temperature frequently, you actually use more energy to heat or cool your place.  By keeping your apartment temperature at a similar temperature each day, you won't have to use as much energy to keep your apartment environment comfortable.

Decrease Your Data Use

When you are done using the internet after work, you should actually turn off your router.  If you don't need to be on the internet, you are still using data when the router and other internet-accessible appliances are still on.  This causes you to have to pay for expensive energy bills and even risk paying for internet overages if you go over your monthly data.  Take strides to decrease your data usage when you don't need to be browsing the internet.

These are just a few small changes you can make so that you can save energy when you are working from your apartment.  When the offices open back up and buildings are allowed full capacity once again, we will no longer need to worry about converting our apartments in Fort Myers, FL into home offices and personal fitness centers.  However, for now, we will want to accommodate these changes to keep us all safe.  Contact us to hear about how we are keeping our residents safe at our apartment complex today.

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