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How to Properly Care for Your Apartment Plants

How to Properly Care for Your Apartment Plants

How to Properly Care for Your Apartment Plants

Do you have plants in your apartment?  Caring for plants can be complicated if you are novice green thumb, as plants require a certain amount of water, sunlight, and care in order to survive.  Caring for a plant can be easy, however, if you know the right things to do.  Plants are a great way to enhance the space in your apartments in Ft Myers, FL, as they don't take up much space and they enhance the air quality and improve the mood of your apartment.  There are a few things you should know about how to properly care for your apartment plants.

Read the Instructions

Each plant species requires something different, so you want to be sure to familiarize yourself with their instructions.  These will tell you how often to water your plants, which climates your plant thrives in, and how much sunlight it needs each day.  Once you read the instructions, be sure to follow them accordingly.

Know Where to Put Them

When you have plants, you will need to consider their proper placement.  Most house plants will require a decent amount of sunlight, so you'll want to be sure to place plants on window ledges or shelves near the windows.  Make sure that these windows get a decent amount of sunlight each day so that your plants get the amounts they need to survive.

Fertilize Them When Necessary

Sometimes your plant might look like it is suffering.  If this happens, it might be time to add some fertilizer into its soil.  Fertilizer can replenish the nutrients your plant needs to thrive, or even just survive.  Over time, these nutrients will deplete from the soil and you will need to continue adding fertilizer.

Water Them Just Enough

Watering your plants can be tricky, as each type of plant will require a different amount of water.  Some house plants actually may only need to be watered once a week, while others will require daily watering.  One of the best ways to determine whether your plant needs water is to stick your finger in the soil and test it.  If the soil feels dry after an inch, you will want to replenish the water.

Choose the Right Plants

The last thing you'll want to do is choose outdoor plants if you intend to keep them indoors.  Also, you'll want to avoid getting plants that grow too large or require repotting.  Choosing the right plants for your apartment is essential in making sure that you are equipped to provide them with environment they need to thrive.

These are a few things you'll need to do on a routine basis to properly care for the plants in your apartment.  If you are looking to improve the space with live plants, there are many types of plants that are suitable for apartments in Ft Myers, FL.  Contact us if you are looking for a great apartment to call home for you and your plants today.

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