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What to Look for in a First Apartment

What to Look for in a First Apartment

What to Look for in a First Apartment

Renting an apartment in Ft. Myers, FL is a great option. Renting your first apartment is scary, fun, exciting, nerve- wracking, breathtaking and the list could go on and on about all the feelings you feel at one time. Renting an apartment in Ft. Myers, FL is a great spot to start looking and here are some tips of what to look for when looking for your first apartment.

Affording It

Can you legitimately afford the apartment you want? This is the most important question to consider when looking at apartments. Many apartments have conditions on how much income you have to make in order to rent from them to ensure you have enough finances to be able to afford their apartment. An eviction will follow you around forever, and it is extremely hard to find another place to rent after you have an eviction on your rental history. Just don’t put yourself in that situation, it is a hard messy and difficult situation to be in.

The Landlord

Most landlords are amazing to rent from. Some, however, are not. Some can be giant headaches and mean and can make your entire rental stay hard. Landlords will make or break the property. If the landlord seems too eager to rent their property pay attention. That can often times mean something is actually wrong with the rental and they are trying to scam you. Scams are extremely common when looking at rentals, so be aware. You don’t want to be throwing your money down the drain. Stay alert and focused when searching for a rental, even if it’s not your first. Another thing to consider when it comes to landlord is their personality. Do you think their personality will compliment yours well? Not best friends well, but you do want to get along with them well. Also, how close do they live to you? It may be hard to relax and truly make yourself at home if you have your landlord breathing down your neck all the time.

Go for an Evening Tour

If it’s not in a gated apartment, check it out by yourself during the evening or night. What may be a quaint, quiet apartment during the day may turn into the exact opposite once everyone makes it home from work. An apartment without enough parking is incredibly frustrating. You don’t want to come home from a long day of work and have to walk a mile just to make it to your apartment. Go during a time that most people will be home from work. That could be during the evening, night or weekend. See what the night life is like. Are you going to be able to sleep well? Is there a lot of loud city sounds and noisy neighbors?

Put all your worries to bed by renting from Millennium Apartments today! They will make a great first home.

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