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Water Safety

Water Safety

Water Safety

Some apartments in Ft. Myers, Florida, offer lake access like Millennium Apartments. While having a lake or pool nearby is fun, safety is crucial. An average of two people die each minute around the world from drowning. That is 1.2 million people a year. Take water safety extremely seriously. It doesn’t take long for something to go wrong, and you may be left to adjust to a new reality.

Buddy System

A buddy system in the water is crucial. You can be a competent adult, and things can still go wrong in the water. If you’re alone and something goes wrong, there will be no one who can get help. Swimming when a lifeguard is on duty is the best option. Lifeguards watch the water conditions as well as the swimmers. However, if a lifeguard is not available, bring a friend along.

Life Jackets

It is a law in Florida that anyone on a boat has an appropriate-size life jacket with them that is coast-guard approved. If the person is under six, they must always have a coast-approved life jacket on if in a boat 26 inches or longer. Any boats longer than 16 feet must also have a throwable life rescuing device. No matter your age, if on a personal watercraft, like a jet ski, you must wear a life jacket. Floaties, pool noodles, and loungers are not replacements for life jackets. While comfort is essential because you will be spending a while in your life jacket, so is fit. Ensuring the life jacket does not rise above the head when in the water. Before purchasing it, pretend to swim in it. If any part of the life jacket seems to be getting in the way, this is not a correct fitting life jacket. Have someone stand behind you while you put your arms up and slightly pull. Is it coming up over your face even with the straps tightened? That means when it truly matters, when the water is trying to pull you under, this will also be occurring. Choose a different life jacket.

Designated Swim Areas

Things such as buoys in a lake or ropes in a pool are there for your safety. Ropes in a pool are used to divide the shallow water from the deeper water. Buoys in a lake are used to separate the swim areas from the boating areas.

Learn CPR

When thinking about which friend to take along when using the buddy system, think about which friend has their CPR certification. If something should happen, this is the friend that would be the most competent to be able to act quickly and effectively. When going swimming in a group at least one person should have their CPR certification active and current. Places such as your local hospital, American Red Cross, and first responder units offer CPR classes.

Some apartments in Ft. Myers, Florida, like Millennial Apartments, offer amazing amenities such as lake and pool access.


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