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Tips for Setting Up a Study Area in Your Apartment

Tips for Setting Up a Study Area in Your Apartment

Tips for Setting Up a Study Area in Your Apartment

If you, your spouse or your child will be hearing school bells soon, then it is crucial to create a dedicated study space. Studying in the same area each day helps your brain settle down and know that it is time to concentrate. It also helps others recognize that you are busy studying, so they are less tempted to distract you. Use these tips to create a study area in your Ft. Myers, Florida, apartment.     

Choose the Right Space    

The best space for studying is away from all distractions. If you have an empty room, turn it into your study area. If you do not, then use the corner of your bedroom, which is farthest from likely noise sources. Face your desk away from the television so that you will be more apt to concentrate on your studies. Psychologists have proven that clutter-free areas help the brain to focus better, so remove anything that might distract you.     

Create a Calming Environment    

Most people find that they concentrate better when there is no noise, but that can be hard to achieve in an apartment. You may want to surround yourself with calming colors, like blues, purples or greens. If possible, recreate the noise level of the testing environment. Some find using headphones with white noise can help with memory recall. Additionally, you may want to consider using essential oils, like rosemary or lemon, to help you concentrate. If you choose essential oils, consider putting some on a tissue to carry with you into the test.     

Pick the Right Furniture    

You will need a comfortable desk and chair to sit while studying. You should be able to sit at it while using good posture as it will encourage you to be more alert. The top of your desk should hit somewhere between your chest and ribcage when you are sitting at it. A wall-mounted desk or a fold-out desk can be a great option if space is tight. Some find that a standing desk allows students to study better after a long day at work or school. Find a space for your essentials, like pens, pencils, and your laptop. Be careful, however, to not include so many things that your desk becomes cluttered.   

The most important tip is to find apartments for rent in Ft. Myers, Florida, where you are comfortable living. Start your search by visiting the Millennium Apartments as you will love all the natural light these apartments let in. You will also find that the rooms are incredibly spacious, making it easy to create a study nook. Contact the friendly staff at these apartments for rent in Ft. Myers, Florida, today to set up a tour.  Then, start concentrating on making great grades at school this year.


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