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Pros of Living Alone

Pros of Living Alone

Pros of Living Alone

Safety is very important. As a single woman though, being safe doesn’t have to mean not living by yourself. You can learn lots of things about yourself and the world around you when you live alone. Living alone as a single woman in an apartment can often time be the safest way to go. There are many apartments to rent in Ft Myers, FL. Here are some of the top reasons to look at apartments for rent in Ft Myers, FL as a single woman looking to learn more about yourself and the world around you.

Alone Time Is Healthy

Alone time can lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are and why you do and believe the things you do. When you don’t have anyone around you; you don’t feel the pressure to conform to the world around you. Alone time is healthy and good for the soul. Introspection can help you to realize things you may not have realized before like if you are stuck in an unhealthy pattern or something that is causing you joy that you want to dive more into. Alone time can help you find passions and joys in life that may have been covered up by the world’s voices.

It Is All Your Mess

This can be positive or negative. You no longer have roommates, meaning you don’t have roommates to clean up after now. It’s all your mess and you are the only one to clean up your house now. You don’t have anyone else to share household responsibilities with now, but that means things get done the way you want to get done. The most frustrating thing is asking your roommate to do the dishes when you don’t have time and coming home to dishes not done well. When you live by yourself, however, those dishes will sit in the sink until you get them done, but they will be done to your liking.

Decorate as You Want

You can embrace your own style when you live by yourself. You don’t have to take in consideration anyone else’s wants or needs. This is your space and your space alone. Do you have an interesting piece of artwork that others may not like? You get to hang that up now! You want to decorate with certain colors, designs or patterns? Do it! It’s your place! Do as you wish and be the queen you are. You officially rule the nest and that nest needs to look and reflect who you are. Decorating when it’s just you is so much fun.

At the end of the day, be you. Let your home reflect you and don’t be shy. Get to know your neighbors, invest in you and do the things you want to do. Get a dog, go on hikes, invite people over, sleep as late as you want. Let your house be a reflection of your deepest and truest self.

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