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4 Plants That Love Apartment Life

4 Plants That Love Apartment Life

4 Plants That Love Apartment Life

Using plants is a fun way to bring the outside indoors at your apartment. They help purify the air. They look beautiful in many different settings. If you are thinking of adding plants to your collection or starting a new collection, then consider these plants. We have carefully curated this list choosing only the ones that everyone can grow and will thrive in apartments.

Lucky Bamboo Palm

The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) has said that the bamboo plant is the best option for purifying the air. Lucky bamboo grows in water, so there is no messy soil to make a mess. You can put a group of them in a lovely vase or choose to tie them with a pretty bow and put them in a pretty bowl. Using three stems together is a common practice because the Chinese where this plant grows naturally believe that one stem will bring you happiness, the second stem will bring you good luck and the third stem will bring you long life.

Chinese Evergreens

Chinese evergreens thrive in low light conditions, and they are very forgiving if you fail to care for them regularly. They prefer to be planted in an equal mix of perlite, sand and potting soil. The soil should be dry before you water this plant again. It needs to be fertilized twice a year with a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. This is a great plant to put in darker corners of your home because the leaves will brown if it gets too much light. This is a great plant if you love sharing with your friends because cuttings can be rooted in water.

Janet Craig

Another plant that does very well in low-light conditions is the Janet Craig. This is a great option if you are looking for a plant to put in a saucer on the floor. While it is not unusual for them to reach 15 feet in their native Africa, the ones sold as houseplants easily reach heights over two feet tall. They will thrive best in a mixture of pine bark. Be careful not to place this plant in direct sunlight as the heat may be too much for it. Water it with non-fluoride water and dust the leaves occasionally.

Air Plant

There are over 650 types of air plants, and they are almost unkillable, which makes them a great option for those with busy lifestyles who tend to forget to take care of their plants. As their name suggests, these plants grow without any soil and they do not need to be in the water. In order to care for your air plant, put it in the kitchen sink occasionally and give it a quick rinse.

In order to maximize the beauty of these plants, you need a great apartment to live in. When you are looking for apartments to rent in Ft. Myers, FL, make your first stop at Millennium Apartments. You will love the floorplan of these apartments for rent in Ft. Myers, FL.

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