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Moving in Together

Moving in Together

Moving in Together

Whether you and your significant other have decided to move in together, you have recently gotten married, or you are moving in with a friend, combining two apartments into one can be very stressful. After all, if you have both been living on your own, then you probably both own can openers, toilet bowl brushes, sofas and a host of other things.

Talk About What’s Important

Everyone has one or two items that they consider essential in their lives. It may be an old cedar chest that used to belong to their grandmother or a quilt that their aunt gave them for high school graduation. Be honest with the other person about the things that you are not willing to put into storage, sell or give away. These items are not negotiable, so you will need to find a way to make them work somehow.

List Items You Love of the Other Person’s

Each person probably has a few items that the other one really loves. Start by naming those things and agreeing on what items stay. Be open, however, if you really hate something you own to negotiating with the other person to get rid of it. Talking about why you love it so much can hold important clues if you both decide that it is time to replace it.

Find the Duplicates

When it comes to duplicates, it can sometimes take a little negotiating to decide which one to keep and which one needs to go. If one is of higher value than the other one, then you will probably want to hold on to it and let the other one go. You will also want to consider the available space and which items fit better in that space. While it may seem like a no-brainer, if one is almost new and one is older, then you will want to keep the newer one.

Practice the Art of Compromise

For many friendships and couples, it can be difficult to make the final decisions as they require compromising. You will need to give on some items while the other person gives on other items. Sometimes, an item can be negotiated by agreeing to cover a favorite chair or keep a bed in the spare bedroom. If you really cannot agree, sometimes it is best for you both to give and go buy something new together.

Regardless of the furniture, dishes and other things you decide to bring with you, they will easily fit in your new place when you choose Millennium Apartments. Give the staff at these apartments in Ft. Meyers, FL a call. The staff will be glad to show you these apartments in Ft. Meyers, FL.s

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