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Money-saving Tips for Staying Cool

Money-saving Tips for Staying Cool

Money-saving Tips for Staying Cool

Trying to keep your apartment cool this summer without exhausting your bank account paying your electric bill can be quite a chore. There are some money-saving tips that you can implement to stay cool in your apartment in Ft. Myers, FL.  

Block Light

Your apartment can quickly become like a mini-greenhouse if you allow the exterior light to enter it. The heat coming in windows can increase temperatures in a room by up to 7 %, so your air conditioner has to work harder. Instead, try blocking the light entering your apartment in Ft. Myers by using blackout curtains. To block more heat, choose options that are at least 4 inches wider and 2 inches taller than your windows. Use CFL bulbs in lamps where you need to see, but keep them turned off when not in use. Using CFL bulbs reduces the heat put off by the bulb by about 90 %.  

Set Your Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your apartment, then make sure that they are rotating counter-clockwise in the summer. There is usually a switch on their sides that you flip to change the direction the fan is turning. If you do not have any ceiling fans, use a table fan with a bowl of ice sitting in front of it to make your immediate environment cooler.  

Cool Your Bedding

While you can buy special sheets and pillows for summer, if that is not in the budget right now, then pop your current ones in the freezer an hour before bedtime. Then, put them back on your bed right before you turn out the lights. If you have a choice of where to sleep, choose the lowest location because it will usually be cooler. Additionally, consider freezing an ice bottle and putting it by your feet as you go to sleep.  

Reduce Stove Use

Your stove and oven can make your apartment even warmer in the summer. If you want a delicious meal when you get home, then stick one in the slow cooker before you go to work. Consider eating salads and other cold meals. You may also want to consider grilling outside. Cooking when it is hot not only adds heat to your apartment, but it puts more moisture into the air, which will make your apartment seem even warmer.  

Moving to an energy-efficient apartment in Ft. Myers, FL. Is a great way to reduce your electric bill while staying cool in the summer. That is one of the reasons that you should contact Millennium Apartments to set up a tour. These apartments often offer terrific move-in specials so that you can complete your move very soon. You will love the layout of these one-to-three-bedroom apartments in Ft. Myers, FL


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