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How to Make The Most of Your Bathroom Space

How to Make The Most of Your Bathroom Space

How to Make The Most of Your Bathroom Space

Your bathroom holds a lot of daily essentials. Now, if you have a lot of makeup to arrange, here are some easy ways to organize your makeup collection in a bathroom and maximize the amount of space that you have available to work with:

1. Put your makeup into containers and label them

You can use transparent plastic jars and put same types of makeup inside. You can then use a sticky note to add a label with the makeup tool’s name so that it is easy to identify. This is easy to do for things like bobby pins, small brushes, lip balms and lipsticks. You can even put your favorite items that go together in a jar to make it easy to have everything in one place for easy use. You can even use a mason jar to store other smaller items that can fit.

2. Buy yourself a makeup box organizer

A makeup box organizer can carry all the things you need for your makeup. You can fit as much as 10 eyeshadow palettes, more than 20 lipsticks and different mascaras in it. Having a makeup box lets you have everything in one place saves you plenty of closet space in your bathroom that you can use for other things. It also lets you organize them so everything can be accessed conveniently.

3. Stick pods inside your cabinet doors

You can put stick pods inside of your cabinet doors to hold some of your makeup sticks and bathroom supplies. With a cheap adhesive, you can arrange many stick pods to hold long items like nail polish bottles, makeup brushes, toothbrushes and other small items.

4. Jars are good for makeup sponges

Jars can be used for storing makeup sponges, other circular items that can fit inside. They’re transparent, making it easy to see what’s inside. They are also waterproof and covered so you can put them right on the space by the sinks.

5. Shoe organizer can store makeup on your bathroom door

A door mounted shoe organized has many pockets. You can use these pockets to store your makeup and other products. These pockets are also transparent so you can see exactly what you’re looking for.

6. Extra rod

Install a second rod close to the wall so that you can hang towels, sponges and other things there. You can also get an organizer with a hook and hang it on the rod to create space for shampoo, conditioners, bathing soap, oils conveniently close to where you need them.

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