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3 Aromatherapy Hacks to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

3 Aromatherapy Hacks to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

3 Aromatherapy Hacks to Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

If you go way back in history to ancient China, then you find people using aromatherapy to keep their homes smelling fresh. The ancient Greeks used it to along with using essential oils to treat a variety of ailments. The term, however, was coined by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse I in 1937. Regardless of aromatherapy’s roots, you can use it in surprising ways to keep your apartment smelling fresh.

Use a Citrus Potpourri in the Kitchen

It is incredibly easy to use potpourri in your apartment. The great news is that you can make potpourri at home and use it as a home décor item, so it easily does double duty. Start by choosing a nonreactive container to contain your potpourri. You can use baskets, jars or bowls as long as it does not react to metal. Then, take and peel four oranges. Place the oranges on a microwave-safe plate and cover with some more paper towels. Microwave them at 50 percent power until the moisture is gone. Then, lay them on a rack to dry for two or three days. Chop them up into small pieces and add some dried flowers and some small pine cones. Add 1 ½ teaspoon ground nutmeg, 1 tablespoon ground cloves, one cup crushed cinnamon sticks and five drops orange essential oils. Put the mixture in your container and stir once a day. You may need to remake it every two to three weeks.

Employ Sachets in Dresser Drawers

It is also incredibly easy to make sachets at home to keep your dresser drawers smelling wonderful. The great news is that you do not even need to be a sewer to use this hack. Simply get some fabric and cut it into a rectangle measuring two-inches wide and six inches long. Fold a small hemline along the long sides of the fabric holding it in place with fabric glue. Then, fill your sachets about 75 percent full of rice. Add some drops of your favorite essential oil and tie your sachet shut with some pretty ribbon. Place it in your dresser drawers to keep them smelling wonderful. You can also hang one on a hanger to keep your closets smelling great.

Make DIY Crayon Aromatherapy Candles

It is incredibly easy to make your own do-it-yourself aromatherapy candles at home. Using your old crayons to make these candles makes them so inexpensive to make. Start by chopping up the old crayon until it is in small pieces. Put the pieces in a Dixie cup and microwave it for one minute. Stir it and repeat stirring every 30 seconds until the crayon has completely melted. Then, add two drops of your favorite essential oil. Tie a piece of candle wick to a pencil and lay it across a clear juice glass. Carefully pour the melted crayon into the juice glass. Wait 20 minutes and you can add another layer of a different color if you desire. Keep repeating until the jar is filled up.

Using these three simple hacks will leave your apartment smelling great all the time. Another key is to find apartments for rent in Ft Myers FL where maintenance is a top priority because then you are not dealing with the smell of mold and mildew. While looking, make sure for apartments for rent in Ft Myers FL make sure that Millennium Apartments is on your shortlist.

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