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Tips for clearing your smart home

Tips for clearing your smart home

Tips for clearing your smart home

A smart home is a user interface integrated into a living space. These modern miracles of technology can create a very cool, unique, and convenient living experience; however, it comes with its problems. If you’re moving out of a smart home, here are some tips to make sure your information remains secure:

1. Account for all the components of your smart system

The components of your smart system include the smart devices, instruction manual, customer support information, etc. Having all these components available and using them will help you with the proper disconnection and clearing of the devices of any sensitive information or data. You will also provide the incoming renters with these things so that they will be able to set things up without stress.

2. Disconnect everything

Wipe all of the data off of your smart system. Make sure all Bluetooth connections to your personal devices are terminated. Depending on the complexity of your smart home, clear all personal information and biometrics from the system. Don’t leave a trace of personal data in your smart home. All data thieves need are just one bit of data to pursue all of your personal information.

3. Contact the Manufacturer

In some cases, restoring the smart devices to factory settings does not get everything on them wiped off. It could happen that after doing a factory reset, you would still keep getting notifications from the smart home devices in your former home. To avoid this, it is advised that you contact the manufacturer so they can get all of your details and information about the previous smart hub.

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