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3 Things to Watch out for in a Tenancy Agreement

3 Things to Watch out for in a Tenancy Agreement

3 Things to Watch out for in a Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is an important binding document that outlines your expected behavior as a tenant. It contains all the legal conditions and implications of your new home. This legal document also defines the type of tenancy – whether periodic or fixed type. Here are some of the most important things to look for when reading your tenancy agreement:

1. Repairs and Decorations

One of the things that should be expressly stated in the tenancy agreement document is the party in charge of minor repairs. While some property owners could gladly opt to help with minor repairs around the house, sometimes this is your responsibility as the tenant. Be sure to know what your allowed to do to the property as well, especially when planning projects, renovations, or modifications.

2. Issue of Subletting

When it comes to tenancy, subletting is an area that causes tension. Thus, it should be pretty clear in your tenancy agreement if you are allowed to sublet or not. However, the decision to allow or disallow subletting is based on each individual property owner.

We recommend being aware of this as it could help prevent ugly issues that might occur should you decide to sublet the apartment. A discrepancy could lead to eviction, legal actions, or fines.

3. Special Clauses

It is important to understand all the details of a tenancy agreement before attesting your signature. This is important to guard against any dispute in the future. There could be hidden clauses in the agreement and be sure to read the fine print.

4. Bills and Repayments

The tenancy agreement should clearly state the bills you will be responsible for. There are some house owners that prefer to have their bills as part of the rent, while others do not. This depends on the individual. However, most times, you will be responsible for utility bills like electricity, gas, internet, and water supply.

The information about your rent should be explicitly stated in your tenancy agreement as well. You should be able to deduce how your rent will be paid, and when it will be paid.