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Things to do before signing your lease

Things to do before signing your lease

Things to do before signing your lease

Lease signing is the final step in securing your rented home. This is a very significant, binding document that must be take seriously. The following are some vital steps to take before signing your lease:

  1. 1. Check if there are any damages on the property

    You need to know the state of your home before signing the lease. Details such as the condition of the walls, appliances, furniture and all the features of the home should be checked. Check the lighting and plumbing. Make sure you take note of any irregularity you notice and call the attention of the landlord to it. If you eventually sign the lease, the landlord knows exactly what needs to be fixed in the home. Failure to do this could affect your security deposit when your rent expires.

  2. 2. What is covered by your rent?

    There are some things that are covered by your rent such as basic amenities like water, electricity, gas, lawn care, home maintenance, etc. Know what exactly you will get by default and what you will be paying for.

  3. 3. Are you allowed to make modifications?

    Some renters would like to make renovations to their new home. In each lease, however, there will be certain things that you won't be allowed to do such as repainting the walls or drilling the walls. Check the lease to know what things you can’t do to your new home.

  4. 4. Read and understand what the lease says

    There are some lease agreements which are usually riddled with technical terms that are difficult to understand by those who aren’t legally savvy. Go through the word-by-word and line by line to make sure all the terms are perfectly understood. Violating the terms of your lease could mean having your lease terminated.

  5. 5. Discuss your expectations in a home with the landlord

    Be sure to discuss the fine print of your lease with your landlord. Your landlord will help you understand the rules and guide you to the best decision you can make.

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