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How to get back your Security Deposit

How to get back your Security Deposit

How to get back your Security Deposit

Your security deposit, while it may not seem like much, is important to get reimbursed when you’re done living at your rented home. If you take good care of your living space, there’s no reason your property manager won’t reimburse you. Here are the best ways to ensure you get your money back:

  1. 1. Fix the damages

    Most home damage, if not too extreme, can be fixed relatively easily. Dents in walls, broken tables, or cracked windows can all be fixed with ease. It’s important to leave your apartment without damage; aside from not getting your deposit back, you might be charged if you’re directly responsible for severe damage.

  2. 2. Leave your apartment clean

    Try to keep your apartment spotless when you’re moving out. Perform a deep clean before you leave. Keep in mind that the property manager has to make sure the vacant apartment is spotless before it’s shown to a new tenant; the more you clean, the less the manager has to. If you’re apartment is spotless, you’re very likely to get your security deposit back.

  3. 3. Hire movers

    Employing a moving service will ensure the safe movement of all your belongings, and insurance in case anything is damaged. This takes a significant amount of labor and liability off your shoulders.

  4. 4. Ask your landlord

    If your apartment condition is good before you leave, make sure to mention your security deposit to your landlord. This further increases your chances for getting it back, and gives you an opportunity for receiving feedback on other ways to improve your apartment.

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