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Home Essentials for A Well-Stocked Home Cleaning Kit

Home Essentials for A Well-Stocked Home Cleaning Kit

Home Essentials for A Well-Stocked Home Cleaning Kit

A clean home is a happy home. Keeping your living space clean is one of the most important keys to peace of mind. Here are the most effective products for keeping your home clean:

  1. 1. Windex

    Every apartment has glass surfaces which may just be windows, cabinet covers or other surfaces. Windex takes care of all glass surfaces in the kitchen or bathroom and keeps them clear and clean. It is also safe for use and has a nice smell.

  2. 2. Clean Day Surface Scrub

    This is an all-natural, fresh, and scented product that will leave your apartment smelling clean after cleaning. Can be used on virtually all surfaces in your home and avoid the risk of degrading delicate surfaces.

  3. 3. Swiffer sweeper

    A Swiffer sweeper is perfect for all surfaces from rugs to ceramics to wooden floors. It is a versatile tool with interchangeable mop heads that will last indefinitely.

  4. 4. Toilet brush

    Keep your toilet clean. A toilet brush is an efficient way to quickly clean your toilet bowl.

  5. 5. Daily Shower Cleaner

    A cleaner is one cool way to keep your home shower looking fresh all the time. The Method Daily Shower cleaner is known for being an efficient tool for quickly cleaning your shower, which is very important.

  6. 6. Disinfectant wipes

    It is easy to tackle the germs that you can see. It is even hard to clean the ones you cannot see. This is a job for disinfectant wipes that can help you to avoid all the dangerous effects of micro-organisms and cause health complications. They also handle stubborn stans on hard surfaces!

  7. 7. Sponge cloths

    This can be one of the best things you can have as a cleaning supply. It is wonderful for liquids, spills and anything else you can use it for. Sponge cloths can be effective even with just water or any sort of liquid wash. You can also use it to clean furniture and all types of surfaces. The ShamWow, for example, is a miracle product.

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