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4 Garbage Disposal Rules to Follow

4 Garbage Disposal Rules to Follow

4 Garbage Disposal Rules to Follow

Most apartments complexes have their own set of rules about how garbage will be disposed, such as schedules for pick-up. Here are some do’s and don’ts home clean at all times:

  1. 1. DO: Follow simple tips to keep your garbage disposal channels clean

    These include simple things like making sure you do not dump refuse into drainage pipes which would lead to blockage and sometimes flooding of your apartment. You should also never pour corrosive chemicals like bleach, chemical solvents and drain cleaners into the garbage disposal chute. If your garbage disposal is clogged up, call the building supervisor to have a look and have it repaired. Do not attempt to force oversized bags into the garbage chutes especially in building complexes with a central garbage chute.

  2. 2. DON’T: Use other materials to try to sharpen the blades of garbage disposals

    You may see some articles telling you to sharpen your disposal with egg shells and ice. These are wrong as garbage disposals have impellers that are blunt and so pouring egg shells or sand or other materials down it will contribute to its destruction. It can even lead to more damage which you will end up paying for out of your security deposit or personal funds.

  3. 3. DON’T: Pour grease and oils down the kitchen sink

    It is wrong to use your sink as a way of disposing oils, grease and fats. Your waste disposal in the kitchen is made to grind up items into smaller pieces. Putting oils down the pipes will only lead to blockage which will require a plumber to fix. Most apartments will charge you for such damages.

  4. 4. DO: Use your trash cans and garbage bags

    Trash bags and garbage bins are there to help you separate your home waste into different types for proper disposal. You should know where to keep organic materials, inorganic materials, recyclable materials and non-recyclables. Try to separate these and keep them dry so that they can easily be retrieved by the municipal waste collection vehicles for proper processing. Avoid dumping food into a regular trash can. You can instead grind it using the garbage disposal in the sink which will chew it into smaller pieces that are easier to handle and recycle.

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