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Common causes of odor and how to keep your home smelling good

Common causes of odor and how to keep your home smelling good

Common causes of odor and how to keep your home smelling good

It’s not unusual for odors to creep into your home. It happens to everybody, you come home one day, and you catch a whiff of something awful. Maybe you have someone over and you notice a horrible odor, how embarrassing! Here’s a list of common causes and solutions for the odor that might be in your home:

  1. 1. Chemical Odors

    There’s often an atmosphere of chemicals that may linger in your apartment after a good laundry session or if you have just had your walls painted. These unpleasant odors are caused by chemicals such as Benzene, Toluene, Formaldehyde or Trichloroethylene.

    One of the ways to rid your apartment of these chemicals is to switch on your Air-conditioning unit or open the windows for cross ventilation. Another effective way that helps you breathe clean air is to invest and bring in some Houseplants like the Gerber Daisy or the Peace Lily, which have excellent abilities to rid the atmosphere of unwanted chemicals.

  2. 2. Dishes and Leftovers

    Food can cause a great deal of the awful odors you smell at home. Do you have a lot of dirty dishes in the sink? Do you have old food in the fridge, or the garbage? Make sure you don’t leave old food around your apartment. If the smell doesn’t bother you, the pests that it attracts will.

  3. 3. Musty and Stuffy odours

    Musty odors indicate aging paint. These smells can be hard to eliminate, and you may need to repaint some areas of your apartment. Stuffiness on the other hand arises when there is no cross-ventilation. Try to open your windows for cross ventilation, add some scents into your A.C filters and make sure plenty of light gets in to your apartment.

  4. 4. Smokes and Fumes

    Smoke of any kind can take a while to dissipate. If you burn some food, smoke, or anything else causes smoke in your apartment, ventilation is key for getting rid of these odors.

    If you enjoy a cigarette from time to time, take it outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If cooking is the cause, make sure you have enough ventilation in your kitchen. For the living room, consider cleaning or replacing your A.C filter units or adding some standing fans to aid dispersal of fumes.

  5. 5. Spills

    Liquid spills on rugs and couches can quickly sink in and begin to smell when left undried. If you suspect this as the culprit, locate the point of spillage, vacuum clean and use a hot-air blower to dry the surface. If possible, try to move the areas spilled upon outside to dry by sunlight.

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