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5 Cheap Ways to Improve Your Apartment Security

5 Cheap Ways to Improve Your Apartment Security

5 Cheap Ways to Improve Your Apartment Security

There are many cheap ways to improve the security of a house without making any permanent change. Here are five ways to keep your apartment safe without robbing yourself:

1. Get a Trusted Deadbolt

A deadbolt is an impervious lock system for your main entryway. These tough locks are cheap and easy to install. Don’t leave the security in your home up to a lock that can be picked or broken.

2. Keep Light on in Your Apartment

A dark and probably deserted apartment is the perfect spot for burglars. Keep a few lights on when you leave to give the façade that someone is home.

3. Be friendly with neighbors

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, chances are they will keep an eye on your apartment when you are out. This is why it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship. If you will be gone for a while, keep them informed. They could be on the watch for suspicious activities.

4. Get a Safe

Safes are extremely difficult to break in to. If you feel as though a stranger has the ability to rob you, get a safe that you can fit your most valuable belongings into.

5. Secure Your Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a common target for burglars, as they have relatively weak locks. Make sure to lock them up and try other means of securing them, such as binding the doors together with a knot or placing an object between the door and the wall to prevent it from sliding open.

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