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3 Resilient Houseplants to Keep

You can add lots of color and life to your new apartment for rent in Ft Myers by decorating it with lots of plants. Plants and flowers always look nice to have but as with all living things, they need to be taken care of. If you spend a lot of time away from your apartment or simply lack a green thumb to take care of plants in your apartment, chances are any plants you buy for yourself or get as a gift will most likely die from a while.

Now there are no plans that are immune to death but there are some plants that are able to withstand a lack of attention and still survive till the next time you remember to care for them. They also still look pretty while at it since they do not need daily maintenance. These plans are perfect for most apartments for rent in Ft Myers.

1. Snake Plant

This plant is also referred to as the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. It is an excellent gift to give to the forgetful friend that you have because you don’t need to water them every day. In fact, you can leave a Snake plant unattended for weeks without water or light and they will still grow healthy without making you look bad. They are also easy to place in any shape or type of pot without it affecting them adversely.

2. Bamboo

Bamboo plants are amazing to put in an apartment. Not only are they versatile to put on any desk or counter, they can also grow big and tall for floor pots. You can also get the really cute ones that are small twisting stalks that are quite amazing to see. Bamboo plants need only water and shade to thrive. They also grow quite fast so if you give them plenty of water and sunlight, they will grow pretty fast and you would probably have to move your bamboo to the patio.

3. Cacti Plants

Succulents come in many shapes and types. Cacti plants have thorns, while other succulents are just smooth. Most of them don’t bloom but you can find that they have smaller ones that will fill out your living space. You don’t need to give it plenty of water but you should make sure that the soil doesn’t get dried out. Just look through once in a while to be sure that there is still some moisture in the soil.

You can grow these plants in your apartment for rent in Ft Myers FL without having to worry about killing them. If you want your home to have fresh air and some green, pick any one of these and you can have it all.