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Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Homes for rent in Ft Myers FL need to be kept clean and one of the most common victims of spills, dirt and all kinds of rubbish is the carpet. Now that the festive season is here and winter, mud, red wine, coffee and other substances will find their way onto your carpet and it would need to be cleaned. You don’t have to suffer a dirty carpet as it will be a source of irritation to you and a visual ache that you will worry about. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your carpet fresh and clean all day long:

The best time to clean your carpet of your home for rent in Ft Myers FL is immediately you notice the stain. Most stains can be removed if you attack it just as it happens, and it has not gotten an opportunity to set and soak into your carpet. Here are some tips on dealing with stains the moment they happen:

Dealing with spills and stains on the carpet of your home for rent in Ft Myers FL is easy to do when you catch it on time, not after the liquid has had time to seep in and soak into the carpet. If you decide to use a commercial carpet cleaner, ensure that you first try it on a small part of the carpet to see if it causes any discoloration to your carpet.

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