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5 Simple Ways To Handle A Terrible Neighbor

One of the most uncomfortable things that can happen to you is having terrible neighbors. Leaving trash on the hallway and blasting music into the midnight, does that sound familiar?

Not everyone wishes for insensitive neighbors but there are just people like that. And if you have got such neighbors, you might be tempted to reciprocate with a rude behavior as well. It doesn’t, however, have to get to that.

This is why we have compiled 5 simple yet effective ways to deal with insensitive neighbors without having to look them eye to eye.

1. Introduce Yourself

Chances are people are usually rude to whom they do not know. This is why you have got to make effort to introduce yourself and try to actually get to know them. Offer a greeting, shake hands and chat for a couple of minutes.

Let them see the genuine interest you have in them. This simple gesture will make your rude neighbor think twice before any bad behavior again.

2. Offer an Invitation

If you have got a neighbor who never likes your parties, offer them an invitation to the next barbeque. They will probably have a good time and reduce their complaint afterward. It might not really have to be a barbeque. You could invite them for a dinner. This way you can chat and try to befriend them.

3. Remind them of Bye-laws and Policies

Some people might innocently do what they do. This sort of people might not be aware that their actions are prohibited by the law. The laws and policies are there to protect you. These are laws meant to be followed, neither broken nor questioned.

Hence, we recommend that you try and remind your neighbors of bylaws. A responsible neighbor would adjust his behavior and obey the law.

4. Handle Issues without including the authorities

Should you have issues to handle with your neighbors, try and see if you can have an amicable resolution. Calling the police or getting third parties involved could drive a wedge more between you two. Yet this is not good for next door neighbors.

You can inform your neighbor that you find it difficult to sleep with excessive noise. Hence, you will appreciate if they turn down the volume of their music after 11:00 PM. Present your request logically and amicably, so that it doesn’t cause further issues.

5. Contact the landlord as a last resort

After you try all in your capacity to settle the issue amicably and meets with resistance from your neighbor, this should be a last resort. Also, if trying to get your neighbor turns into a sour situation, calling the landlord or property manager is a good idea.

A higher power is what you need at times to get your rude neighbors to behave.

It is a very unpleasant sharing the same apartment building with an insensitive person. The situation, however, doesn’t have to get out of hand before you handle it. We hope the tips above will help.

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