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How to Make The Best of The Parking Garage

If you live in an apartment complex with a parking garage, be sure to follow these tips:

Park properly

One of the most annoying things in a parking garage is why you are unable to open your door because the person next to you has parked too close to you. Be kind and considerate to your neighbors when you park your car by making sure that they also have enough space to access their cars.

Drive slowly

You have absolutely no reason to go faster than 15 MPH in a parking garage as this is just dangerous to other users and you are likely to cause an accident. There are pedestrians in any parking lot and driving fast is a recipe for disaster. Drive slowly and be alert. Watch out for passers-by when pulling in or out of the parking lot.

Pay attention when walking

Be careful when you walk in your parking garage. Tight corners with sharp turns and parked cars limit the drivers’ ability to observe their surroundings. Clearly communicate your movements with the drivers around you and don’t make sudden, unexpected movements.