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How to Make The Best of The Parking Garage

When living in a luxury home for rent in Ft Myers FL, there are many things to consider beyond how many rooms and bathrooms. Comfort also involves having a good parking garage that caters for all your vehicles, is safe, accessible and free of any inconvenience. Despite all the efforts of the building management to provide all the necessary amenities for homes for rent in Ft Myers FL, the onus also lies on the occupants to be decorous in their use of the parking garage without constituting a nuisance to other users. Don’t forget that the parking garage is community space and so beyond your designated parking space, you still have to respect others. Here are some tips on how to make the best of the parking garage:

Park properly

One of the most annoying things in a parking garage is why you are unable to open your door because the person next to you has parked too close to you. Be kind to your neighbors and considerate when you park your car by making sure that they also have enough space to access their cars. You won’t like if someone did that to you so always check the space between cars after you park to be sure you are properly positioned between the lines.

Drive slowly

You have absolutely no reason to go faster than 15 MPH in a parking garage as this is just dangerous to other users and you are likely to cause an accident. There are pedestrians in any parking lot and driving fast is a recipe for disaster. Drive slow, be alert and watch out for passers-by when pulling in or out of the parking lot. The last place you want to have an accident is in the parking lot as you will have no excuse.

Pay attention when walking

It is not only drivers that have to be considerate when we are talking about parking garages of homes for rent in Ft Myers FL. Most apartment building have a lot of pedestrian activities at the parking lots. Do not walk around the parking lot listening to music at high volumes and not paying attention to the road. This could prevent you from knowing when a vehicle is coming towards you. Do not text and walk and maintain normal protocol as you would when walking along a busy road.

Observing these tips when using the parking garage of your home for rent in Ft Myers FL will not only keep you safe but also make you a better neighbor to your fellow inhabitants.

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