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5 Cheap Ways to Improve Your Apartment Security

There are many cheap ways to improve the security of a house without making any permanent change. Asides, you can have a much-secured apartment without burning a hole in your pocket.

We have the following cheap ways to make your apartment less attractive to unscrupulous being:

1. Get a Trusted Deadbolt

There are landlords that claim to change locks between each tenant. Many however either forgets or actually doesn’t see the need to. This is why you have got to ask your landlord to replace the old deadbolt to prevent old tenants from gaining access to the apartment.

If your apartment, however, doesn’t have a deadbolt, take permission to install one, they are usually cheap to install.

2. Keep Light on in Your Apartment

A dark and probably deserted apartment is the perfect spot for burglars. Although it is commonly advised to turn off lights when you leave the home, it has its disadvantage. Thus, if you will be away from home for a pretty long time, keep some outdoor lights on.

All you have to keep on is a couple of bulbs. Yes, it might amount to extra electricity bills but it’s way better than losing your belongings to burglars.

3. Be friendly with neighbors

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, chances are they will keep an eye on your apartment when you are out. This is why it’s important to maintain a healthy relationship. If you will be gone for a while, keep them informed. They could be on the watch for suspicious activities. This is a cheap yet effective way to improve your security in an apartment.

4. Get a Safe

Should you have valuables or items that mean so much to you, investing in a safe is a very good idea. It could be pretty expensive but pays in the long run. Asides, the cost of installing a safe in your home for rent in Ft Myers FL will be pretty cheaper than having to replace any priceless item stolen.

5. Secure Your Sliding Doors

If you have a sliding door with poor locks, your apartment could be vulnerable to unscrupulous beings. While many might think they do not have to worry about this if you are not on the first floor, burglars are getting resourceful.

All you have to get is a wooden rod/dowel or a sawed-off broomstick. On the track of the sliding door, lay the wooden rod to prevent the door from moving. Even if the sliding door is unlocked, it is a good security investment.

Everyone wants to feel safe in his or her apartment. Hence, you cannot go too far in making sure your apartment is safe and resistant to burglars. You can install simple security features like the ones discussed above without burning a hole in your account.

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